7 Proven Ways To Maintain Your Car’s Air Conditioning System

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7 Proven Ways To Maintain Your Car’s Air Conditioning System

Your car air conditioning is a crucial component of your ride as it provides convenience and comfort during hot weather. However, it can also become a health hazard if it is not well-maintained. A car Car’s Air Conditioning System comprises five primary components: the condenser, evaporator, compressor, receiver, and expansion valve. All these parts work together to produce cool air.

Some vehicles are also equipped with an AC system that uses a refrigeration compressor.

The compressor is powered by the engine to pump gaseous refrigerant into the condenser, converting it into liquid. This will then go to the receiver for moisture removal. The expansion valve then decreases the amount of pressure before the refrigerant stretches to the evaporator. The evaporator gets the heat from the air inside the vehicle. A fan will push air over the evaporator and into the car to cool down the passengers.

Suppose any of these components malfunctions, the interior of your vehicle can quickly become extremely hot. You don’t want this to happen when temperatures are unbearably hot. This is why you need to make sure that your car AC system is always in its excellent condition to avoid the need for emergency car AC repair.

Here are seven ways to maintain your car AC system.

Run it regularly

No matter what the temperature is, you must run your car AC regularly. For instance, you should turn it on for ten minutes at least once a week, even during colder months. By doing so, you’ll keep the compressor working well and maintain the gas pressure.

It is also imperative to run the defrost mode for at least five minutes weekly to prevent unpleasant odor and mildew from proliferating. Doing this will also clear away excess moisture in the AC system.

Let in air before turning the AC on

Hot days will make the inside of your car too hot – in fact, it can even get hotter than the temperature outside. So make it a habit to open the windows and let in some air before turning on the AC. This way, the temperature can drop a bit, and your car AC system won’t get overworked.

Once the AC is running, close the windows so cool air will not escape.

Clean the air filter

Air filters keep the inside of the engine free from dirt and dust. A dirty filter will clog the airway, making it inefficient for cooling the air, so clean it regularly.

In most cars, the air filter is placed behind the glove box. Find the filter’s encasement, remove it, and shake out the debris. The filter can either be cleaned or replaced.

If a replacement is necessary, choose filters that are more efficient at cleaning the air that circulates in the car. But if you don’t know how this is done, our car experts here at DT Service Centre will happily do it for you.

Remove debris

Always check the exterior grills under the windshield for leaves and other debris. Keep this area clean to prevent dirt and debris from getting stuck into the AC system, thereby clogging it. You should also open the hood and check the condenser. Use a hose to remove any debris in this part of your vehicle.

Use the AC system to remove steam from the window

Run the AC system even when the temperature is too low because it will help remove the steam from windows. This will warm the windows faster Car’s Air Conditioning System and make the air inside less damp.

Know when your AC needs repair

Smell and noise are two warning signs that your car AC system needs repair or maintenance.

If you smell a damp or musty odor, bacteria may have already started to thrive in your AC system. This can result in unwanted guests like mold, mildew, and fungi that can damage the system. A buzzing sound is a sign that too much refrigerant is passing into the compressor, which can leak and cause damage.

When you notice any problem with your car AC, bring it to a professional car air conditioning service immediately. Don’t disregard the early warning signs of a damaged AC system because this can harm other car components.

Schedule regular professional maintenance

The compressor oil, condenser drain and Freon, evaporator, services blower, and receiver dryer must be replaced once a year. So, make sure to schedule routine maintenance. Get this done before summer begins. But if you drive frequently in harsh conditions, such as driving on crushed stone roads and in big cities, you must have it professionally serviced twice a year.

The benefits of regular AC maintenance include:

  • Compressor longevity
  • Quieter AC system
  • Better air quality inside your car

During professional car maintenance, your AC system will be checked for leaks, wear and tear, and other problems that can impede its proper functioning. The evaporator will also be cleaned to get rid of any accumulated debris and dust. The refrigerant pressure will be checked to make sure enough of it is running through the system.

Car maintenance experts will provide a tune-up for the AC system and make sure that everything is working properly so you can enjoy fresh cool air at all times.

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