Five Best Car Ramps for 2022


This article will show you the top car ramps we’ve compiled. These car ramps are the best that you can find.

These features have been briefly discussed and highlighted so that you can trust our review to give you all the information you need so that you don’t find shopping for a car ramp daunting.

RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp

Best car ramps

RhinoGear RhinoRamps car ramps are the most obvious. This product is popularly requested as it is well-built and meets customer requirements.

This type of vehicle ramp is strong, durable, and can provide unrestricted access underneath your vehicle. It uses a polymer internal support system to provide unmatched balance and strength.

CoreTRAC’s non-skid base ensures that the car ramp does not slip while in use. It also features a 17 degree incline, which allows maximum access even for low profile vehicles.

This vehicle ramp is compact and robust, which is why it’s a great choice for trucks, pickups, SUVs, vans, and other vehicles.

The Key Features

  • CoreTRAC non-skid bottom
  • It also features a wider tire width
  • It has a space-saving design.
  • Its 17 degree incline allows for low profile vehicles to be accessed
  • Has a portable design
  • Very affordable, too

Race Ramps RR-40 Race Ramp

Race Ramp did extensive research and found that those who enjoy riding sports cars needed a ramp that was simple and easy to use. This led to the creation of this 40-inch RR 40 Race Ramp.

This car ramp is robust and easy to use. It can handle tires up to eight inches in diameter and will lift your car up to seven feet.

This ramp is small and portable, but it provides access to the underside of the vehicle. It is a good choice for smaller sports cars such as Jaguars, BMWs, MGs, Jaguars, and Evos. The car ramp is portable and lightweight, but there are other issues.

Customers complained about the foam design, while others said it was less dense.

The Key Features

  • Solid and durable
  • Lightweight
  • You can lift your car as high as seven inches

Trailer-Aid Tandem Tire Changing Ramp

The Trailer-Aid Tandem Tire Changing Car Ramp is the most interesting of all the car ramp products. It is not designed for trucks or vehicles like other car ramps, but it is specifically designed to work with trailers, as its name suggests.

This Trailer-Aid Tandem Tire Changing car ramp has many amazing features. These features are what make this product stand out from other top products.

This car ramp features a strong, polymer construction that is durable and water-resistant. It is rustproof and can support 15,000 lbs of weight. Users won’t have to worry about it getting damaged by rust. This high-quality car ramp is easy to store and portable.

This car ramp features front and rear slow holes. It is easy to use and offers better handling. With its four-inch clearance, users have plenty of space to fit any trailer.

The Key Features

  • Has a lightweight design
  • A powerful polymer construction
  • It is waterproof and rustproof
  • Portable also

Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set

Next up in our detailed guide is Nicky Nice solid-steel car ramp. This car ramp is made from high-quality steel material, which makes it not only tough but also very reliable. This car ramp can be used with vehicles up to 6,500lbs.

The car ramp measures 35 inches long and has a powder coated finish. The powder coating protects against rust and makes the car ramp last longer. This product is for you if you need a car ramp that allows you to do your maintenance or perform an oil change.

Customers were disappointed with the build quality, claiming that it was poor quality. Others also claimed it was too high to be used in regular cars.

The Key Features

  • Powder coating extends the life of your product
  • It measures 35 inches in length
  • Recommend for performing maintenance tasks

Scepter 08226 plastic automotive ramp set

We are going to look at the Scepter car ramp set. These car ramps are not only sturdy, but also affordable. These car ramps can support a weight of approximately 12,000lbs due to their lightweight design. They are a great choice for medium-sized sedans.

This car ramp is extremely safe to use under any vehicle. Its wide design makes it easy to roll away from your vehicle without needing to push it. The parabolic arch distributes weight while the grid design allows dirt and snow to just slide through. It is suitable for all weather conditions.

The Key Features

  • A grid design prohibits the accumulation of dirt and snow.
  • Use it in all weather conditions
  • A maximum weight of 12,000lbs