Four Auto Locksmith Tips That You Must Know

Automotive Locksmith

Tip 1: What should you do if your key is lost in my door lock

If your key is lost in the door lock or ignition, you can keep it. It will be much easier to get a new one if they are brought to an auto locksmith. This will lower your cost. Do not attempt to remove the key from the lock if it is still inside. This could cause more damage and cost you more. To remove the key safely and without causing additional damage or cost, call your local auto locksmith.

Tip #2: Should I take my key problem to a dealer?

It is an unnecessary and extra step to visit a car dealership. Dealerships will call us when keys become lost and then outsource copying work for us. Customers are still charged a premium. Working directly with us will eliminate the middleman and save you money on tow truck fees.

Tip #3: I cannot find my car keys and it is locked. Should I lock it?

A: It matters whether your car is locked in a garage or not. It may be okay to leave your car unlocked if it is secured in an area, such as a garage, that is not accessible by the general public. If your car is open, it is cheaper to get new keys than the possibility of theft. It is smart to lock your car if it is visible to the public or on the streets.

Tip #4: What is a car immobilizer?

Modern vehicles’ immobilizer systems search for an electronic signature transmitted from the transponder trip, a device located inside the key head. The car immobilizer will not recognize a transponder code that is incorrect or null. To recognize the digital signature of your car immobilizer, transponder keys must be programmed. For assistance, contact your local locksmith.

Locksmith Tips and Tricks

Do you want to find more ways to protect your home? Smart Locksmith provides high-quality residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith services to customers in Atlanta, Georgia, and the surrounding areas. Our team has assisted many clients with their lock and key problems over the years. We love helping local property owners and drivers find ways to improve their security. These are some fun tricks and tips to help you get the results that you desire.

It is easy to bypass basic locks

It is simple to pick the minimum standard lock purchased at your local big-box retail store. Modern criminals have a wide range of tools that allow them to bypass standard locks. You can increase your home security by upgrading to higher-security locks if you want to be protected against an attempted burglary. To deter criminals from breaking into your home, you may also want to install outdoor security cameras or smart doorbells.

It is important to have a quality entry door

A burglar will likely bypass high security locks by brute force if your door is made of cheap materials. You might consider a security door made of steel, iron bars, or heavy-duty wooden.

Move into a new place? Rekey your locks

Are you a tenant who has just moved into a new house or workplace? Have you recently purchased a home that was previously yours? It is a smart idea to replace or rekey the locks. It is impossible to determine how many people have been given keys to the property so it is best not to guess.

Never hide a spare key in obvious locations

You might think it’s a smart idea to conceal a spare key under the mailbox or in a nearby rock. These obvious hiding places are well-known to criminals around the globe. It is a good idea to keep a few spare keys handy, but make sure you give them to a friend, spouse, or family member who can be accessed in an emergency.

Avoid car dealerships and call a mobile locksmith for transponder key or ignition issues

Many drivers mistakenly believe that if they have problems with their transponder keys, or their ignition, the only solution is to bring their car to a local shop or dealership. This may have been true for decades, but modern technology has provided mobile locksmiths with the tools, specialized equipment, and tools needed to program and replace your key fobs and repair or install new locks on-site. We will travel to you and offer fast, efficient and affordable automotive services that allow you to get back behind your car in no time.

Are you having trouble with your keys or locks? Call Smart Locksmith Today

Are you ready to make a big investment in professional locksmith services? Our mobile locksmiths can help you with any emergency situation. For more information on our services, or to book an appointment with a professional locksmith in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, contact Smart Locksmith.

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