High-Risk Insurance is a great way to get DUI relief


A DUI conviction can have a wide range of consequences. The high cost of car insurance can make it difficult to get back on the roads after a DUI conviction. You are considered to be the most at-risk person by standard insurance companies. This means that you will need to pay top dollar for your regular coverage. Some standard insurance companies may even refuse to accept your application because of a DUI conviction. There are car insurance companies available that provide more limited high-risk insurance at a reasonable rate. This will help you to rebuild your driving record so you can eventually be eligible for standard insurance policies with more affordable rates.

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A cost-effective way to stay legal

Because it has fewer options than standard insurance policies, high risk insurance may be less expensive than standard insurance. You will have fewer options if you purchase a high-risk policy through an insurance company than you did before your DUI. Insurance companies that specialize in high-risk policies may be able to sell them. These high-risk companies may not be as well-known than other companies, but they often offer the best rates and policies to those with the highest risk drivers. Because they don’t offer additional coverage that could lead to higher premium claims, high risk specialty companies can offer lower rates.

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Minimal requirements are usually covered by High Risk.

No matter where you buy your high-risk car insurance policy, the law will only allow you to purchase the minimum required coverage in your state until you have completed your DUI rehabilitation. High risk coverage is intended to provide a safety net that allows you to drive, even if your driving record places you in the most likely category to file a claim. The state regulates the amount of high-risk insurance you can buy.

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Part of rebuilding your driving history

You will need high risk car insurance to get your DUI under control. High risk coverage lets you drive legally and can even start your driving record all over again. You can only earn a lower risk standard rating by driving safely for a set period of time. You will be closer to purchasing standard insurance at a lower rate for every year you don’t get into an accident or are issued traffic tickets.

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Keep checking Quotes regularly

High risk insurance rates are directly tied to how long you have been driving safely. You should compare insurance quotes every few month to see what changes are happening. The rates offered to you will not change much in the first year following your DUI. However, the quotes should start to fluctuate after you have been driving safely for more than one year. You should keep track of these changes to ensure you get the best coverage for the lowest price.