Top 5 Vehicles for the Mountains and Snow – 2012 Edition


Winter season is just around the corner so it’s time for you to think about exciting excursions to your favorite mountain. My family prefers Vail Resorts, Colorado. You can choose to stay in Beaver Creek, Breckenridge or Keystone. But, you must remember two things when planning your ski or snowboarding vacation: warm clothing, and reliable transportation.

Drivers often overlook the most crucial component of winter driving when searching for reliable transportation. Poor traction control can make even the most robust four-wheel drive vehicles vulnerable. Without proper winter tires, turning and braking in snowy or icy conditions will be difficult. A car that is perfect for mountain and snow vacations will combine safety, comfort, and great tires.

1 – Subaru Forrester

Subaru’s Outback and Forrester models have redefined all-wheel technology. They are more efficient in winter conditions than other vehicles with an all-wheel drive system. The Forrester’s interior can accommodate five people and their luggage. The all-wheel feature is standard, but you can upgrade to the Forrester 2.5XT which features a turbocharged, gas-friendly 4-cylinder engine that produces 224 horsepower.

2 – Volvo XC70 T6 & the S60

Volvo has been a safe-conscious manufacturer since its inception. You can trust that you will be able to safely get to your ski resort or back to home in a snowstorm, regardless of whether you opt for the Volvo SC70 SUV sedan or the S60 sedan. The standard SC70 includes anti-lock brakes and downhill control. However, drivers can add heated front and back seats, windshield washers that spray warm water and headlight washers. On the all-wheel drive S60, the 6-speed automatic transmission features Instant Traction and comes with an all-wheel drive package. The S60 comes with a detection system to warn drivers of pedestrians and animals suddenly appearing in front. In an emergency, the S60 can even brake automatically.

3 – Toyota Land Cruiser

Although the Land Cruiser was always considered to be an all-terrain and all weather vehicle, the latest Toyota flagship luxury SUV features the clever Crawl Control. Crawl Control activates the Land Cruiser’s ability to smartly control the acceleration and braking functions in difficult weather conditions. Standard features include fog lamps, heated side mirrors and a windshield-defroster.

4 – Range Rover Sport Supercharged

Land Rover’s 2011 Supercharged SUV is set to be a standard for keeping warm on the roads this winter. The car’s cold-weather climate option heats all interiors including the floorboards and the steering wheel. The windshield and washer nozzles can also be heated.

5 – BMW 535Xi Sport Wagon

BMW doesn’t make SUVs. They make exceptional vehicles that can carry a lot of people and are easy to drive. The 535Xi is a marvel of German auto engineering with its 6-cylinder 3.0L engine, and smart all-wheel drive. The automatic load-leveling feature prevents oversteering in snow rally and blizzard conditions. Optional heated front and second rows of seats, along with the side-view mirrors as well as the steering wheel, are available.