Five Effective Accessories for Vehicle Performance


Accessories can be expensive, and it can be difficult to decide which accessories you should buy. These five accessories will help you get the best bang for your buck, and improve your car’s performance.


Your vehicle’s tires can be overlooked but they are an important part of its performance. The right tires will make a huge difference in the performance of your car, making it more responsive to braking and turning at all speeds. Because they resist heat better than regular tires, performance tires are less likely to burst. Combining heat resistance with improved braking improves the performance of your car and makes it safer.

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While you might lose some fuel economy when switching to performance tires it is generally a minor loss. A loss in fuel economy can often be “made up” by using your cruise control and checking your tire pressure more often. You can also make up the difference in performance for what you lose in gas mileage.

Exhaust System (Cat-Back Exhaust)

Your car’s exhaust system is important and can improve power and efficiency. A cat-back exhaust system can make your engine run more efficiently. A cat-back exhaust system will reduce back pressure and remove exhaust gases more efficiently, giving your car more horsepower and torque. This can increase the engine’s efficiency and provide fuel economy gains (which could make up for the tire wear).

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Cold Air Intake

This is one of the simplest upgrades you can make to your engine. However, it is an important one and relatively inexpensive. A cold air intake can increase the amount of fuel-mixing air available to your engine. A cold air intake allows for cooler, denser air to be introduced and improves airflow. A higher amount of air in your engine’s system means more power.


A set of performance headers can be used to replace the stock exhaust manifold on your vehicle. This is a simple but important performance upgrade. The perfect complement to any cat-back exhaust upgrade is headers. The cat-back works in conjunction with headers to extract exhaust gases more efficiently from the engine and cylinders. Performance headers increase power by allowing the engine and cat back to expel these gases more efficiently, while causing the engine to lose as little power as possible.

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Combining performance headers and a performance exhaust will result in the most visible power improvements.


The turbocharger is last but not least. This accessory is the most well-known and popular. Turbochargers can increase power and efficiency, as well as improve emissions. A turbocharger is the most powerful performance accessory. This is the best performance upgrade you can make to your vehicle. Turbos can be expensive. They often cost thousands of money.

A good turbo kit can still be very affordable if you’re looking at horsepower per dollar. You might also consider after-market superchargers if a turbo kit is not available for your vehicle. These are often very affordable in dollars per horsepower.

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There are many options for performance accessories for cars, but some are better than others. It can be difficult to choose which upgrade you should make and which accessories will pay off. These five accessories are the simplest and most effective ways to enhance your car’s performance. These accessories should be a good starting point when you are making your next accessory purchase.